Ascendant Holidays believes that Boston is a city steeped in history, intellect and natural beauty. It offers something for everyone and with its immensely walk-able, picturesque streets. Boston is a must visit place for any lovers of culture and entertainment. Unsurprisingly, for a city founded in 1630, there is a multitude of historical attractions, but you will also find numerous chic modern galleries.

Ascendant Holidays knows that one of the most popular activities in Boston is to take a walk along the Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile marked route that takes you to sixteen historical sites around Boston. Each section represents something of significance during the American Revolution, and they include the sites of the Boston Massacre of 1768 and the home of free speech, Faneuil Hall. You can download a map of the trail and create your own experience, or you can go on a guided tour.

Ascendant Holidays Reviews Highlights of Boston (2)

Ascendant Holidays recommends visiting Boston

Not far from Faneuil Hall is Boston’s oldest neighborhood the North End or Little Italy. Here you can experience a sensory feast as there are over 100 restaurants, and cafés offering treats from pizza to pasta, to gelato, coffee, and pastries. Ascendant Holidays reviews this area because it combines beautiful architecture with an active performing arts scene.

This waterfront neighborhood is only one square mile in area, making it very easily explorable on foot. In the summer, there are a good number of large street feasts, where people in costume line the streets and display plenty of culinary delights. The most popular of these St Anthony’s Feast which usually takes place on the last weekend in August.

According to Ascendant Holidays, a visit to Boston would not be complete without a trip to Cambridge, home of great institutions of learning like Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While in Cambridge, a simple walk along the tree-lined lanes in Harvard Yard is very relaxing. You can also choose to visit the excellent museums on the campus including the Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology or the Carpenter Centre for the Visual Arts.

The Boston Red Sox are most infamous for their 86 year Curse of Bambino, that finally broke in 2004 when the team won the World Series in baseball. If you are a fan of Hollywood movies, you will undoubtedly have seen many movies depicting the home of the Red Sox, historic Fenway Park. This sports stadium is worth a visit to explore the rich history of baseball and one of the most successful franchises in the sport, the Red Sox. Boston is a sports lover’s paradise, and you can catch live games features some of America’s most successful teams in American football, the New England Patriots, and basketball, the Boston Celtics.

There isn’t a best time of year to travel to Boston, according to Ascendant Holidays as the city offers plenty to explore and see most times of the year. But there is a time to avoid, and that is in February, this is in the height of winter, as there are few cultural attractions and activities open. Boston is a city you can keep coming back to because every season offers a new perspective to the capital of New England.

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