Ascendant Holidays Promotions knows that every traveler wants to make the most of every moment of their vacations.

Including getting ready for the flight and the process of getting there. While there are countless ways to utilize a plane ride for extra relaxation before your trip, there are also a few little things that you can do well before check-in that will help you make your flight easier and more enjoyable. Following these tips before your next flight will make starting your trip a breeze.

Bright suitcase

If you want to find your luggage easily when you get off the plane, a super great tip you use is to purchase a brightly colored or patterned suitcase. While others get their bags lots in a sea of look-alike luggage, your bag will stand out, and you will be able to find it in a heartbeat.

Ascendant Holidays Promotions Things You Should Do Before a Fight 2

Book on Tuesdays

Ascendant Holidays shares that many airlines come out with their new deals on Tuesdays and other airlines will offer competitive price adjustments. If you are trying to find the better deal on your flight, this is the best day to purchase your tickets.

Check the seating

There are seating charts online where you can check the layout of a plane before you buy your tickets. You should consult these to find out which seats have the best advantages. These sites offer many details to help you capture a seat with some extra legroom or a nearby power outlet.

Extra Battery Power Pack

You can now purchase little battery packs so when you arrive at your destination, and your battery is dead you can recharge during flight. So airlines have plugins however we found that most are well over 30 years old and don’t have that option. So you can keep your phone battery full.

Get a Neck Pillow

This can save you a lot of pain and discomfort from falling asleep with your head tilted sideways. Then you arrive only to have a pinched nerve. Once you land you snap it on your carry on luggage and wheel it away.

Ascendant Holidays Promotions Things You Should Do Before a Fight 3

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