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If you are traveling as a family, Ascendant Holidays knows that your family vacations are important to you. Family vacations are when everyone gets to do something fun and enjoy time together while bonding and creating memories.

Ascendant Holidays Best Family Activities for Beaches (1)

Family having fun along edge of sunset sea

Many families know that beaches are a great place to enjoy the family fun together. If you and your group are planning on taking a trip to the beach, here are some fun ideas for things that you can do together.

Build a sand castle:

This is an activity that all families should try together. While it is an activity that many children enjoy already, some adults do not realize it how fun it can be to build a tower with their kids. Using shells, pebbles, and driftwood from the beach to decorate your castle can also be fun. Just make sure that you capture your creation on camera before you leave so that you have something for the scrapbook.

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Child on vacations at sea


You and your family are probably going to get hungry, so why not make a fun activity out of it. Bring along lots of tasty snacks and sandwiches, and a blanket so that you can all relax after some fun beaches activities and enjoy the meal together.

Ascendant Holidays Best Family Activities for Beaches (2)

Girl in snorkeling mask dive underwater

Bring some toys:

Bringing a kite or Frisbee to the beach is a great idea when you are traveling with your family. These are activities that are perfect for large beaches and will involve everyone so that you can enjoy an activity together. It is also fun to bring your kids to the dollar store before you hit the beach so that they can pick out some things that they want to bring along, like buckets, beach balls, and shovels. If you do not want to bring them all home with, you can always give them to another family before you go.

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Family beach vacation

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