Ascendant Holidays members say that Quebec’s vibrant culture and its European feel has made it a unique tourist destination in North America.

It sure stands out to be an excellent location for a pleasure trip or vacation. The locals usually speak French in its colorful and picturesque buildings and villages.

Ascendant Holidays Brings You Picturesque Quebec City (1)
Ascendant Holidays members are aware that Quebec City has a lot to offer from its historical sites to its museums and mouth-watering cuisines.

This city offers a wide range of hangouts, gardens and so much more.

The tourists interested in watching the migratory whales pass by through its clear waters.

Ascendant Holidays members recommend you to visit Quebec during the vacation season so that you can have the most fun-filled holiday. Quebec is a pleasant town where the locals celebrate festive occasions all the year round.

Ascendant Holidays Brings You Picturesque Quebec City (2)

Ascendant Holidays Brings You Picturesque Quebec City (4)

A giant head sculptures at the Carnavale de Quebec

La Citadel is its famous historical site that depicts its past military aspect. Nothing is more attractive than enjoying a snow ride if you visit it during the winter season.

Another exciting activity that tourist can enjoy in Quebec is cruising around its St Lawrence River.

Ascendant Holidays members say that along with the famous historical sites the tourist spots, Quebec City hosts  a lot of natural wonders and has about four biosphere reserves where tourists can explore its natural beauty all year round.

The Ice Cider and its different variety of Cheese are the most popular food items that can be enjoyed in Quebec City. The locals of Quebec City also follow a family culinary tradition of eating maple products too.

Ascendant Holidays encourage the tourist to travel in Quebec City through its efficient Railways, Airways and Water Ways as there is a wide range of transport facilities that make it easy to move to and from one city to another. There sure is a lot to explore in Quebec City from the adventure sports to cultural events as well as its great historical landmarks and people should at least travel once in their lifetime to enjoy this beautiful city.

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